Best Execution policy 2PM Luxembourg S.A.

IIPM’s policy is based on the order execution policy of the depository bank where the assets of the client are kept. The goal of this policy is to achieve the best possible result for our clients, to which the following aspects are of importance:

• Price of the instrument
• Speed of the execution
• Likelihood of the execution and settlement
• Size of the execution
• Nature of the execution
• Any other considerations that might be relevant to the efficient execution

IIPM has chosen renowned financial institutions as order executors and depositary banks because we are convinced that they all meet to our set of demands. The depositary bank determines itself, in accordance with their own execution policy, on which platform is dealt with to realize the best execution. IIPM monitors this execution afterwards.

IIPM will determine on a regular basis whether the depositary bank keeps to the rules of their order execution policy and / or if adjustment of the best execution policy is needed. Upon request, we can provide you more information with respect to this matter.

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