About 2PM Monaco

Our mission

"Every Client is unique. We believe in a personalized approach to achieve full client satisfaction"

2PM (Personalized Portfolio Management) is an independent asset management company offering trustworthy independent and transparent wealth management services to private and institutional clients, based on personalization, quality and continuity.

2PM also offers to support and advise its clients for all aspects of wealth management, including succession planning, fiscal planning, legal advice and consolidated risk management.

Our history

Founded in 2006, 2PM has expanded across the world. Today the firm is present in 4 countries: Luxembourg, Monaco, Switzerland and Mauritius.

2004 Initiation of the 2PM project by its Founding Partners

2005 Partnership with EIM who in 2014 merged with the Gottex Group. In 2016, Gottex Group changed name to: LumX

2006 Accreditation received from Monaco Authorities. Opening of the Monaco office

2007 Opening of 2PM Life Brokerage in Luxembourg (CAA compliant)

2008 CSSF accreditation received, opening of 2PM Luxembourg, (Asset Management company with European Passport)

2009 CBFA accreditation received, opening of 2PM Belgium in Bruges

2009 Accreditation received from the Swiss Authorities, opening of 2PM Switzerland in Geneva

2013 Projects of activities in UK, Italy and Spain, FPS granted from CSSF

2014 Starting the activity in Spain and Italy throughout its European Passport

2016 CSSF accreditation received, opening of 2PM Europe SA, (Asset Management company with European Passport), FPS in France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and UK

2016 Opening of 2PM (Mauritius) Ltd

2017 Transfer of shareholdings in 2PM Luxembourg and 2PM Life Brokerage

Key Figures

Staff per 1/01/2019: 28 employees

Branches: 4 (Monaco - Luxembourg - Switzerland - Mauritius)

Banking partners: 30 in 8 countries

Assets under management: EUR 1,1 billion

Discretionary and advisory mandates: 100% through discretionary/advisory mandates

European Passport and Freedom to provide services in the EU

2nd largest independent Asset Management Company in Monaco

Even during the financial crisis of 2008 and 2011, 2PM continuously grew in assets and expanded throughout Europe.

Our values

The foundations of 2PM Monaco rely on 4 strong values, which are the core of the company’s philosophy:

Independence - Transparency - Quality - Continuity


2PM is fully independent and is not influenced by any third-party as there is no financial institution holding a majority stake in the company.
With no conflict of interest, our teams focus solely on our clients’ long-term satisfaction by selecting only the best-in-class investment vehicles worldwide.


Transparency towards our clients is absolute:
2PM’s methods of management, relationships with third parties and remuneration are clear from the begining and guarantee the quality of our relationship with our clients.


2PM aims to offer the highest level of excellence, to understand each of our clients’ financial needs, to provide a fully personalized investment platform and to deliver a wide range of flexible services.


Because 2PM’s interests are aligned with those of our clients, our independence, our transparency and the quality of our services constitute solid bases for long-term relationships.
Knowing our clients personally and understanding their changing needs enables us to be in a position to advise them at all important stages of their lives.


The capital of 2PM Group is privately owned by the founding and managing partners.

2PM is more than just a financial firm, it is before anything else, a partnership between highly motivated and experienced professionals who share the same desire: to achieve client satisfaction by offering a different approach than traditional banks.

2PM Monaco S.A.M : 63% is owned by the founding partners and 37% by LumX Holdings S.A.

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