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Sharp rise in awareness on environmental issues among the public

Regulatory information on funds available on the site

This website contains information on traditional or alternative mutual funds or investment funds that are registered and managed in different jurisdictions. Therefore, the information contained herein is not intended for unauthorized persons to have access to this information by law or where the law in force prohibits the publication or access to the information in question because of nationality, the place of residence, domicile or place of registration of the company of the person or entity concerned. The funds presented on this website are not authorized for sale in all countries of the world.

An investment in a fund on this website should only be made after reviewing the most recent prospectus and the legal information relating to that fund.

Past performance of a fund is not a guarantee of future performance. Indeed, they can go up as well as down. Also, an investment in a foreign currency assumes a foreign exchange risk and a can result in a decrease of the initial capital.


This is an overview of the key rights of shareholders and participants invested in any of the collective investment undertakings (hereinafter « funds ») managed by 2PM as Investment Manager and DPAS as Management Company of Golden Peak SICAV. This overview is not exhaustive. Shareholders and participants are advised to review the relevant Prospectus (or Information Document) and, if need be, to seek information from their professional advisors.

• Right to their Share of the Income : Shareholders and participants have the right to receive their proportional share of the income (if any) of the sub-fund in which they are invested, under the conditions set out in the Prospectus (or Information Document) :

If they hold distribution shares or units, their share of the income will be distributed as a dividend (or interim dividend) ;

If they hold capitalisation shares or units, their share of the income will be capitalised in favour of their shares or units.

• Right to Attend and Vote at General Meetings: Shareholders and participants have the right to attend and vote in any general meeting of shareholders or participants of the fund or the relevant sub-fund (or sub-funds) in which they are invested, under the conditions set out in the Articles of Association (or Management Regulation) and the Prospectus (or Information Document).

• Right to Request Redemption: Shareholders and participants have the right to request redemption of their shares or units from the fund under the conditions set out in the Prospectus (or Information Document) (in particular in the section “Procedure for subscription, conversion and redemption”).

• Right to Information : Shareholders and participants have the right to receive or request certain information regarding the fund or sub-fund in which they are invested, as set out in the Prospectus (in particular in the section “Documents available”).

• Right to protection of his personal data: Shareholders and participants have the right to the protection of their personal data in accordance with DPAS’s Personal Data Protection Charter available at

• Right to File a Complaint Shareholders and participants have the right to file a complaint in accordance with DPAS’s Complaints Procedure available at

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