Our Services

Discretionary Management

The discretionary mandate gives 2PM a power of attorney to manage your account according to the strategy you agreed upon.
You will receive your portfolio statement and meet with your relationship manager at your convenience to review your portfolio.

Advisory Management

If you want to participate actively in the management of your portfolio, and if you are a keen investor, you also have the option of signing an advisory mandate. You will gain access to all of our research as part of the advisory services.
This kind of mandate need your validation of each operation.
You will receive our expertise, investment ideas and recommendations and you will be actively involved by making the last decision.

Execution Only

You can use our expertise and our network of international custodian banks to open an account and benefit from the reduced cost structures that we have negociated. In that case, we will only receive your instructions and will process them with your bank.
We will also verify all trades and execution prices.

Life Insurance

As part of your financial planning, it can be favourable to make use of a life insurance policy to maintain and secure your assets. Wrapping your assets in a life insurance policy can address different needs and objectives. The policy offers the possibility to regulate your wealth planning in a simple and transparent way. There are several possible solutions, all of which, of course, depend on your personal situation and expectations.

2PM Group can help you to make this choice. Being an independent party, we can find you the most suitable insurer.

There are several products available to suit your requirements. We select the best investment for you and decide which of our partners can best serve your needs. In most countries, life insurances benefit from a favourable fiscal regime, making them a preferred product for many people seeking capital growth and wealth planning. With respect to security and stability, an insurance contract offers you privacy and protection against the failure of a bank or insurance company and their creditors. If you require more information on this topic, we would be very happy to inform you about all available options.

Multiple Portfolio Analysis and Consolidation

At your request, 2PM portfolio management team will gladly analyze your other portfolios and give you an objective opinion (asset allocation versus targeted return, review of the quality of the securities, performance, volatility and correlation analysis).

A clear picture of your financial situation helps to identify the underlying risks you could be facing. Therefore, our portfolio management team can consolidate your other portfolios and non-financial assets in order to provide you one global reporting of your wealth.

Ancillary Advice and Support

2PM aims to accompany, advise and support its clients for all issues related to their wealth:

  • Succession planning
  • Fiscal planning
  • Legal advice
  • Non-financial asset management advice (property, art collections, insurance policies, etc.)
  • Support for taking residence in different countries
  • Administrative procedures